Galactica’s Embrace

Panicos Spanos

Stainless steel and bronze sculpture, steel stand

110h x 50w x 50d cm (sculpture)

50 x 50 x 25 cm (stand)

Galactica is a character created by the sculptor Panicos Spanos as part of a series. Galactica is an extraterrestrial woman from the future, whose curiosity brings her to earth. The series shows Galactica under different circumstances, as she tries to understand humanity’s values, strengths, weaknesses and actions. This is the second sculpture of the series.

In a radiant divergence from the cosmic tapestry, another incamation of “Galactica” emerges, this time with the sculpture “Galactica’s Embrace”, as a gantie harbinger of compassion and nurturing. Here, Galactica stands as a transcendent figurée radling a delicate bird in her outstretched hand. Her gaze is one of profound tenderness, a testament to her reverence for the intricate beauty of the natural world in her embrace, the bird symbolizes the very essence of life, and Galactica’s touch is an embodiment of kindness, protection, and the eternal cycle of nurturing

As she delicately holds this avian ambassador, Galactica becomes a living conduit between the terrestrial and the celestial a reminder of the interconnectedness that binds all living beings. Her vary presence invokes the enduring legacy of our planet and the vital responsibility we bear as stewards of the earth’s diverse ecosystems. Amid the chaos of modem existence, Galactica resonates with a message that transcends the confines of art and language, urging us to rekindle our relationship with nature, to cherish its fragility, and to tread upon the Earth with gentle raverance She reminds us of the enduring and sacred bond between humanity and nature, one that beckons us to ensure the timeless continuity of life’s delicate dance.