Giorgos Vrionidis

Giorgos Vrionidis is engaged in painting, making sculptures and models from wood and other materials. His works are characterized by constructivist aesthetics and architectural elements.
Vrionidis’s chromatic and schematic choices suggest a child-like innocence and view of the world. As if looking through the eyes of a child, Vrionidis borrows from his personal experiences and the technique of quick design, resulting in the creation of mixed media paintings, sculptures and installations. With the power of artificial flow, Vrionidis translates his thoughts and ideas into form.
In the artist’s words: “Consumerism, society, political misinformation, geopolitics and military reform, love, subculture, indifference, faith, passions and empathy are words and feelings that people live by every day in the world. Channeling my inner child, and with spiral formations and geometric sets, so began my journey to discover this cycle of events and realities.”