Balance, 2021

Giorgos Vrionides

Hand made wood and mixed media sculpture
Size approximately 20cm x 20cm x 40cm

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Spirals are among the oldest shapes found in ancient artwork. Archeologists suggest that the spirals are
representative of very basis of life, from birth to death to rebirth. Artists such as Salvador Dali, Marcel
Duchamp and Man Ray thought that the spiral was the most perfect form found in nature, a symbol that
they employed to represent cosmic order.

For Vrionidis, the spiral is not just a form, but a structure with specific characteristics and properties. The
coil running in three dimensions, constitutes a developing structure of continuous motion. Respectively,
so does a child’s stream of consciousness.

Balance, is a product of this spiraling stream of thought. Just like a spiral, Vrionidis’s works are never
finished; they are eternal and infinite. Elements can be added and removed at any given time. The
inspiration for this sculpture was a multi-coloured, V-shaped short dress that the artist had seen. The
bright colours symbolize the innocence and purity of children. With elements from both the public and
domestic sphere, Balance works as an advocate for sociopolitical commentary.