Christian Guémy – C215

Born in 1973 as Christian Guémy, the Paris-based French street artist known as C215 has swiftly moved in to being one of the top stencil artists in the world. He is considered one of the top veterans still in the game, with his moniker derived from a prison cell in which he was once locked away.

C215 has been creating street art for about 20 years. He paints, draws, and makes stencils, and he truly enjoys painting in the streets. The stencils make it possible to paint beautiful street art portraits in unauthorized locations. They are often enhanced through the use of graffiti markers. C215 also began using spray painting techniques in 2005. He believes that graffiti is focusing on a name by marking a territory and street art is placing art in the perfect location.

His entire focus lies on creating portraits for individuals such as elders, beggar children, refugees and others is based on the desire to present and draw attention to those we often forget to recognize in life. Often, he finds inspiration by focusing on face portraits of random people he meets in public.