Lady Godiva with Butterflies

Salvador Dali

Technique: lost wax process
Material: bronze
Height: 51 cm
Patina: brown
Edition size: 350 + 35 EA
Inscribed: Dalí
Date: conceived in 1976
first cast in 1984
Foundry: Perseo, Mendrisio, Switzerland

Lady Godiva was an English noblewoman from the eleventh century, who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry on horseback, to oppose taxation laws of the time, imposed by her husband the Earl of Mercia, becoming a feminine legend.

In this sublime sculpture, Dalí adds a surreal touch, adorning Lady Godiva’s body with four fluttering butterflies, symbols often used in his artwork. Symbol of the soul and of change, butterflies insinuate rebirth, infinite transformations, metamorphosis, and natural beauty.
Lady Godiva’s ride has inspired many artists, Dalí in particular used this image from 1976 both in bronze and in various etchings.

The Dalínian Lady Godiva with Butterflies does not hide beneath her abundant hair, but proudly announces her femininity. Her whole figure seems to radiate light and luminescence, the trumpet a symbol of victory pointing to the heavens and the future.

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