Christos Kakoullis

Christos Kakoullis from Nicosia, Cyprus has found shelter in art since his 14th birthday. In particular, he started the art of graffiti just 10 years ago. Over the past 5 years, he has been working on stencil art. He’s been troubled from a little boy that he was sweeping the world and causing misery, and through art he began to express these concerns.

He mainly draws paintings on refugees, war, peace, love, LGBT people, drugs and freedom. For this reason, he immersed himself in an enthusiastic self-education campaign so that he could best express his inequities, misery, war and generally those that contributed to the humiliation of the human race.

Holder of a certified world record: The smallest painting in the world on canvas with dimensions of 0,48 X 0,48 mm and the painting depicts the “Destroyed Boat of Theseus”, where the inspiration is derived from Greek mythology Having worked both in The US & the UK he’s definitely an artist to keep your eye on…